Thank you for your interest in the CSRA RESA Gifted Endorsement Program!

Our program provides teachers with an array of strategies and activities that encompass their ability to use content-specific pedagogy necessary to provide gifted students with challenging, differentiated learning environments.

A study of research, collaboration with other candidates, practical application lessons and units, and targeted discussions allow teachers to expand on pedagogy and theories, and prepares them to successfully teach gifted students.


All candidates must have:

1. To be eligible for a renewable Professional endorsement, candidates must hold valid, renewable Georgia teaching certification at the Professional level or higher. Teachers holding Induction certification in pathways 1 (IN1T), 2 (IN2T), or 3 (IN3T) are eligible to receive a Supplemental endorsement. The Supplemental endorsement will be upgraded to a renewable Professional endorsement at the time Professional certification is obtained. IN4T certification and Pre-service certification are not accepted. It is the recommendation of CSRA RESA that gifted endorsement candidates to hold a professional certificate or higher.

2. Evidence of excellent instructional and interpersonal skills, and professional competencies

3. Recommendation from a building level administrator

4. Recommendation from the school district

Endorsement Details

Program Cost: $1300.00 per person.

Location: CSRA RESA – 4683 Augusta HWY – Dearing, GA 30808

This fee covers all instructional and material costs. The following information can be found attached:

The Gifted Endorsement is comprised of four 50-hour courses that must be completed in the following sequence:

1. Characteristics of the Gifted

2. Methods and Materials for Teaching the Gifted

3. Assessment of the Gifted

4. Curriculum and Program Development for the Gifted

Application Process

1. Create an Ascentis account.**

2. Complete the attached Gifted Endorsement application.

3. Submit your completed application to CSRA RESA to:

  • 4683 Augusta HWY S.E.,  Dearing, GA  30808  

  • You may also send your application to CSRA RESA electronically to faith@csraresa.org

  • Please Note: If your district is coordinating registration please send your completed application to your district contact person.  Your school system will submit applications to CSRA RESA