Thank you for your interest in the CSRA RESA K-12 Reading Endorsement Program!

The purpose of our program is to prepare participants who can function as knowledgeable and efficient instructors in the teaching of reading through both a theoretical and practical knowledge base in the K-12 reading continuum.


All candidates must have:

1. A minimum of one (1) year of teaching experience

2. Holds a Georgia renewable Professional teaching certificate or an Induction certificate (IN1T, IN2T, or IN3T) in one or more of the following fields:

a. Early Childhood Education, Middle Grades Education, High School Certification (any content area), or Special Education General Curriculum/Elementary/Middle/or High School Concentration

b. Any of the following fields combined with a core academic content concentration in reading: Special Education General Curriculum, Special Education Adapted Curriculum, Behavior Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Deaf Education, Physical and Health Disabilities, Visual Impairment, or Gifted

3. Recommendation from a building level administrator

4. Recommendation from the school district

PLEASE NOTE: IN4T certification is not accepted. Eligible candidates holding induction certification in pathways 1, 2, and 3 will receive a Supplemental endorsement. The Supplemental endorsement will be upgraded to a renewable Professional endorsement at the time Professional certification is obtained.

Endorsement Details

Program Cost: $1200.00 per person.

Location: CSRA RESA – 4683 Augusta HWY – Dearing, GA 30808

This fee covers all instructional and material costs.

The Reading Endorsement is comprised of three 50-hour courses that must be completed in the following sequence:

  • Course 1 –– Bridging Foundations Between Decoding and Fluent Reading and Writing for Diverse Learners

  • Course 2 –– Deep Reading Interventions for Diverse Learners

  • Course 3 –-Moving Learning through Reading and Writing for Diverse Learners

Application Process

1. Create an Ascentis account. **

  • If you do not have an account, please create one now at https://secure.ascentis.com/csraresa/

  • **Please do not create multiple accounts. If you are unsure if you have an Ascentis account please contact Faith Hopkins to inquire.

2. Complete the attached Reading Endorsement application.

3. Submit your completed application to:

  • CSRA RESA 4683 Augusta HWY S.E., Dearing, GA 30808

  • You may also send your application electronically to faith@csraresa.org.

  • Please Note: If your district is coordinating registration, please send your completed application to your district contact person. Your school system will submit applications to CSRA RESA.