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Ongoing Since 2011 - The Holocaust Learning Trunk Project

In partnership with the Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Inc. and the Georgia Department of Education the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust is proud to present the Holocaust Learning Trunks Project to the state of Georgia.

Beginning on September 20, 2011, trunks filled with a complement of educational materials on the Holocaust and genocide will make their way to middle schools across the state of Georgia.

Teachers will use these trunks to teach about World War II, the Holocaust and genocide. Students participating in this project will be able to express their social conscience, sensitivity and appreciation for diversity, respect for all people, and inspire teaching and learning for all humanity.

The exterior of each trunk was decorated by schools in metro Atlanta to reflect the theme: What are the Lessons of the Holocaust?

The use of art and history unifies students of various backgrounds and beliefs, connecting them through their experiences learning about the Holocaust. The Georgia Commission on the Holocaust, the Georgia Public Library Service and the Georgia Department of Education are working in concert to ensure the Holocaust Learning Trunk Project will cultivate positive character development and foster students' understanding of the importance of good citizenship.

Trunks are to be checked out by teachers through their school's respective RESA (Regional Educational Service Agency).

Area schools may check-out the trunks for a maximum of three weeks per school.  Please contact Faith Hopkins (, if your district/school would like to check-out or reserve a trunk. 

Please note schools are responsible for picking up the trunks and must ensure all materials are returned on their due date.  Teachers are also required to complete a teacher evaluation form as well as have students complete a student evaluation. These evaluations must be submitted to the Georgia Commission on the Holocaust within two weeks of utilizing the trunk and its contents.